February 13, 2020 Balsam Fir Plant



Balsam fir, a tall and narrow tree which grows in North America, is also known as Christmas tree. Balsam fir essential oil is made by this tree’s needles. It has a pretty strong woodsy aroma, and that’s the reason why it’s usually used for perfumes and scents.

Balsam fir essential oil is great for joint and muscle pain. It can be used as a massage oil by diluting it with coconut or jojoba oil. In addition, having a bath with 2 to 8 drops of balsam fir essential oil helps recovering and relaxing the muscles after a long day or a training.

Balsam fir essential oil is also amazing for calming down nerves and balancing emotions. Using this essential oil in aromatherapy makes easier to controlling anxiety and falling asleep. It can be used by mixing 3-12 drops of balsam fir essential oil into the steaming water or facial steamer also it can be in diffusers as well.

Important Notice:

While using essential oils in bath water, they should be dispersed with vegetable oil or emulsified into an aqueous medium by use of an emulsifying agent. Full-fat milk helps to disperse essential oils in this way.

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