Glorious Calendula Lotion 250ml GLASS BOTTLE


Glorious lavender paired with argan oil, jojoba oils and calendula for flakey, damaged, rough or irritated skin.  This is the ultimate lotion that will heal and protect your body. It is a lighter texture than the Glorious Lavender Just Shea that can be used throughout the day on face, hands and all over body that will improve your skin’s texture and blemishes.

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Glorious Niagara lavender has a sweet lavender scent and is known as a sleeping aid. Also known as skin healing, good for burns, bug bites, scars and acne. Even helps to relieve head aches, anxiety and stress. Calendula is a big orange flower that is part of the marigold family. It has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps sooth eczema, relieve diaper rash, protects against infection and boost the appearance of the skin.

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