Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Whether you are just starting out or have been using essential oils for years, neōb Lavender is here to help you build a strong foundation so you and your family have a positive experience exploring the amazing properties, benefits, and uses of essential oils. 

This article explains some of the basics you need to know when starting to use essential oils, helping you to create a strong foundation and grow your essential oil knowledge. 


Essential oils are highly concentrated, naturally occurring, volatile, aromatic compounds found within a plant, often referred to as the “Life Force” of the plant. 

Essential oils are extracted from a particular part of the plant, such as; the flower, leaf, bud, resin, bark, root, branch, seed or fruit to name a few. Extraction methods differ based on the plant and the part, but two common methods are steam distillation and mechanical cold pressing. 

The quality of an essential oil can vary greatly due to the difference between species and varieties of plants, extraction methods and growing conditions. Therefore, when purchasing essential oils make sure to buy from a trusted manufacturer that sources for the highest quality plants. 

Lavender flower plant stalk


Essential Oils are not new, they have been used for hundreds of years. There are a wide variety of essential oils available, each with its own unique properties, uses, and benefits. These natural remedies are a great addition to any self care or wellness practice, promoting physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Knowing what essential oils can do, is a great way to finding which essential oils are right for you, your family, and your lifestyle. 

Some common essential oil uses are for: 

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Sleep & Insomnia
  • Relaxation & Calming 
  • Energizing & Invigorating
  • Muscle Pain
  • Skin Conditions
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Antibacterial, Antifungal & Antimicrobial
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Increase Mood
  • Increase Focus
  • Increase Healing  
  • Natural Bug Repellents & Deterrents 
  • Creating high-quality natural products such as; cosmetics, cleaning products and detergents

This is not a comprehensive list, but provides an idea of the diverse uses of essential oils. 


Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, so it is necessary to use them responsibly.  You will discover that there are many ways to access the abundant properties of essential oils, but the three main methods are as follows;

  1. Aromatic
  2. Topical 
  3. Ingestion

Always keep in mind: Essential Oils are highly concentrated and potent so “A little goes a long way!”


Aromatherapy is one of the most common methods for using essential oils. With a wide variety of different delivery methods, ranging from simple to complex, you are sure to find one that works for you. Here are a few simple ways to get you started. 

Diffuser– A diffuser is a great way to fill your home with the beautiful aroma of essential oils. There is a wide variety of diffusers available, with a little research you are sure to find one that fulfills your every need. Each diffuser is a little different so follow the specific instructions for each model.

Reed Diffuser– For a simple no power required option, use an elegant reed diffuser. Using essential oils designed specifically for reed dispersion, add a little to a decorative glass, insert reed, and enjoy the beautiful aroma.

Lemongrass Reed Diffuser glass bottle green
Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

Simple & Easy – A simple solution that works, and still allows you to enjoy many of the aromatic benefits of essential oils, is by simply adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil(s) to a tissue or cotton ball and place in desired areas. (ie. cupboards, closets, and bathrooms) 


Essential oils can be absorbed through the skin, but not all essential oils are safe to apply directly on the skin, some may cause irritation or rash. It is recommended when using essential oils topically to dilute the essential oil to a safe concentration by using a carrier oil. There are many different carrier oils available to choose from such as; jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil to name a few. Try some different types to find one that’s right for you. 

Fortunately, there are also a wide variety of essential oil products that can be applied directly to the skin, including creams, lotions, sprays, and convenient roll ons.


It is not recommended to use essential oils internally. Not all essential oils are safe to ingest and some are toxic. Remember essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, always read the label, contact the manufacturer, and a Healthcare Professional to confirm if an essential oil is safe to ingest.

Some manufactures do produce edible essential oils. These safe to consume oils may be an excellent addition to your culinary pantry. A few drops can be incorporated into baked goods and cooking recipes for additional flavour. Read labels and check with the manufacturer to confirm if an essential oil is edible and safe to add to your culinary creations. Remember a little goes a long way, a few drops is all that’s needed.

If taking essential oils internally to treat any type of condition, always do so under the care and guidance of a Healthcare Professional. 


  • Essential oils should be kept out of direct sunlight. 
  • Store your essential oils in a cool, dry, dark place. 
  • Make sure caps are secured tightly. 
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. 


Essential oils are highly concentrated, potent compounds. In order to positively experience the health and wellness benefits of these ancient remedies, essential oils need to be understood and used responsibly.

Know Your Essential Oils 

  • Research
  • Read labels 
  • Contact Manufacturers
  • Contact Healthcare Professionals

Skin Safety 

  • Skin irritations can occur
  • Dilute essential oils using carrier oil
  • Spot test
  • Keep away from sensitive skin areas such as eyes, ears and mucus membranes

Sun Safety 

  • Possible skin sensitivity to sunlight or UV rays

Pregnancy & Medical Condition Safety

  • Prior to use consult a Healthcare Professional especially if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition.

Child Safety

  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. They can be toxic to Children.
  • Keep out of reach of Children 

Pet Safety

  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. They can be toxic to Pets. 
  • Keep out of reach of Pets

Using essential oils safely will create an enjoyable and fun experience! Leaning the basics for safety is just the first step. Remember to ask when you need help. 


This Essential Oil Foundations guide is only the beginning. Learning about essential oils, their properties and benefits, is an ongoing process. Knowing the basics will help you and your family enjoy these natural remedies and incorporate them into your life positively and safely. neōb Lavender is here to help!

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