Lavender Field Expansion

Lavender Field Expansion

During the early spring months of 2021, we will bring many expansion projects to the farm, including more lavender plants, sunflowers and roses. Our lavender field will extend towards the east side of the existing area with our dark Glorious Niagara lavender. The field will have a picturesque with deep emotional feeling as the sun sets over the field. The feeling is truly magical.

Why Sunflowers. Our thoughts, sun flowers are everywhere. Why lavender and sunflowers. The Sunflowers are special breed that will produce amazing cold press oils that will be used in our new facial serums. Our thoughts are always about have the best in raw materials and the beauty of the flowers is a bonus.

Roses, Wow! I see that expections often. We use our roses to produce the most delicate rosewater. Our rose oil, rosa Damascena, comes directly from my friend’s farms in Bulgaria. The roses are gently steam-distilled, not solvent extracted. The result is a lower yield but a far superior product. At this point, the oils are available in limited quantities of 5ml vials. Since our product is so low, we primarily use it in our facial products. When it does become available, generally near harvest time, I recommend ordering some.

These are my thoughts and a little insight into what is happening at neob in 2021. See you at the farm.

Robert Achal CO-Founder Niagara Essential Oils & Blends.

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