Glorious Lavender Pillow Spray 50ml

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Glorious lavender pillow spray in a 50ml glass bottle.

Massuet Lavender
Glorious Lavender
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  • Done Vegetarian & Plant Based
  • Done Made with Real Essential Oil
  • Done Cruelty Free
  • Done Made in Canada

Have a tranquil sleep in a flowering lavender field by spraying your pillow and sheets before you go to bed and wake up well rested. Our secret formulation and distillation technique blends the most unique and beautiful Glorious lavender pillow spray.

185 reviews for Glorious Lavender Pillow Spray 50ml

  1. Karen Ferguson (verified owner)

    Gentle and effective spray.

  2. Nancy M (verified owner)

    This makes a thoughtful gift for a friend or to yourself! It really helps me get to sleep and stay peacefully resting.

  3. Jane Cottrell (verified owner)

    I have bought this product before and love it. I have a hard time falling asleep at night and find this helpful.

  4. Margaret C. (verified owner)

  5. Tanya Van Es (verified owner)

  6. Norma (verified owner)

    I love this product!

  7. Kate (verified owner)

  8. Debbie S. (verified owner)

  9. Corine Bowden (verified owner)

    I love my pillow’s very soothing at bedtime

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Karen (verified owner)

    The best pillow spray we have used. Smells great and helps with a relaxing sleep. The whole family loves it. Highly recommend.

  12. Laura B. (verified owner)

  13. Alexa B. (verified owner)

    We love this pillow spray! It not only helps us sleep, but it freshens up the air and creates a perfect ambiance and feel in our bedroom. Highly recommend!

  14. Leanne Irwin (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my 93 year old Mother. She loves this product and swears that this pillow spray helps her to sleep well at night.

  15. Maria (verified owner)

  16. Douglas Bradley (verified owner)

    We have used this product for years – does assist in sleeping

  17. Virginia (verified owner)

  18. Judy F. (verified owner)

  19. Terri Leslie-Fox (verified owner)

    Loves this smell

  20. Tanya V. (verified owner)

  21. BARBARA (verified owner)

  22. Makenna M. (verified owner)

    I have purchased this product many times I love it for when I go to bed every night! Very relaxing scent.

  23. Nadine K. (verified owner)

    My husband won’t go to bed without this!

  24. Naomi Chennells (verified owner)

  25. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Amazing!! Use it every night

  26. Tara-Lise G. (verified owner)

  27. Christina TRIGIANI (verified owner)

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

  29. Danielle Campbell (verified owner)

    Love the scent!

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smells SO good!

  31. Samantha Torres (verified owner)

  32. Karen C. (verified owner)

    I find that it helps me fall asleep.

  33. Carrie C. (verified owner)

    Night night!

  34. mary b. (verified owner)

  35. Patrick (verified owner)

    We found this little gem a few years back when we went to niagara on the lake. We purchased a couple bottles then and simply loved it. We since have purchased another bottle online as we live quite far away and it was shipped super fast. We use this before we go to bed. Spray a little on our pillows and bed sheets to help us fall asleep faster. It works and smells awesome. Helps wash away all the stress from the day.

  36. Karen Mullin (verified owner)

    So it

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Andrea Johnston (verified owner)

    This spray helps me sleep each night. Pleasant and no overpowering.

  39. Tammi L. (verified owner)

    This is the best lavender pillow spray I have found anywhere. I have used it every night since July 2019, and was so disappointed when my trip to Ontario had to be cancelled since I was running out. I was so happy to see it could be ordered online and shipped to Arizona.

  40. Lydia Soldevila-Tombros (verified owner)

    Of course! Why wouldn’t you?!

  41. thelma jenkins (verified owner)


  42. John L. (verified owner)

  43. Diana R. (verified owner)

  44. Joanne (verified owner)

  45. Cheryl (verified owner)

  46. Joel L. (verified owner)

    I always slept better with this pillow spray!

  47. Tashona W. (verified owner)

  48. Julie G. (verified owner)

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. Tracey (verified owner)

    Love the pillow spray – I use it every night. Just wish it came in a bigger bottle.

  51. Sylvie Lafrance (verified owner)

    This one i love. I even put it on my scarf

  52. Diane B. (verified owner)

    Love it – have used it for several years. The lavender scent is subtle, just the right strength.

  53. Corine Bowden (verified owner)

  54. Steve Hubley (verified owner)

    Don’t sleep a night without it!

  55. Salvatore Arnieri (verified owner)

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Calming Fragrance.

  57. James R. (verified owner)

    Great for sleeping

  58. Luisa Vona (verified owner)

  59. Cheryl (verified owner)

  60. Karen R. (verified owner)

  61. Charlotte S. (verified owner)

    Very helpful in inducing sleep

  62. Rosalba (verified owner)

  63. Linda Russell (verified owner)

    This product relaxes me and helps me sleep

  64. caroline s. (verified owner)

    Love the scent. This one is slightly more delicate than the masseur.

  65. Masoumeh Karimi (verified owner)

  66. Wayzeta Stickley-Strouse (verified owner)

  67. Joel (verified owner)

    I’ve always used this for a relaxing sleep; also whenever I travlelled pre-pandemic, I always carried this with me to spray on my hotel bed as I believe it keeps the bugs away!

  68. jerome (verified owner)

    My wife loves this brand. Tried others from amazon, but they aren’t the same

  69. Kathleen D. (verified owner)

  70. Laurie N Davis (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. My husband loves it too.

  71. Andrea J. (verified owner)

    Really helps me to relax and go to sleep. I can’t live without it. I have given a bottle to my Mother, son and daughter.

  72. Leigh (verified owner)

    This is my secret for an excellent sleep. I literally can’t live without it. If you struggle with your nighttime routine, try a spray of this on your pillow, take a few deep breath’s and you’ll be sleeping in no time.

  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

  74. Jerri-lynn Blay (verified owner)

    I use this every night to help with my insomnia.?

  75. Barbara F. (verified owner)

    Using this product for years – wonderful sleeping aid!

  76. Anonymous (verified owner)

  77. Angela M. (verified owner)

    I love this product! I bought one from terre bleu and it was disgustingly sweet and overpowered by vanilla. This one is perfect and part of my bedtime routine.

  78. karen r. (verified owner)

  79. Dawn Kwasniak (verified owner)

  80. Michael K. (verified owner)

    Love this fragrance; been using it for years!

  81. Lesley Urban (verified owner)

    We love it so much, we leave it in each bedroom in our cottage during rental season to promote your business. We get lots of positive comments. Thank you too for the freebee. We tried other sprays (twice) and ended up throwing them out. Yours are the best!

  82. Linda (verified owner)

  83. JOANNE K (verified owner)

  84. Douglas Bradley (verified owner)

    Use all the time

  85. Patti Sharpe (verified owner)

  86. Angela Molloy (verified owner)

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Helps me sleep better.

  88. Allison A. (verified owner)

  89. Geri (verified owner)

  90. Laura (verified owner)

    Love the smell of this

  91. Dianne (verified owner)

    this is also for a gift

  92. Lesley Urban (verified owner)

  93. Carrie B. (verified owner)

  94. Roseanne M. (verified owner)

    I rely on this pillow spray to relax and drift off to sleep.

  95. LISA (verified owner)

  96. Norma B. (verified owner)

  97. Cynthia C. (verified owner)

    my favorite

  98. Suzanne J. (verified owner)

  99. Anne (verified owner)

  100. Alisa H. (verified owner)

  101. Nicole (verified owner)

  102. Lora Dino (verified owner)

  103. Elaine (verified owner)

  104. Christine (verified owner)

    Wonderful soothing scent. Love this pillow spray.

  105. Julie (verified owner)

    nice for sleeping

  106. Sheila (verified owner)

    Nice scent. Didn’t really improve my sleep though.

  107. Linda Weir (verified owner)

    I use it every night. Always love the sensation when my head hits the pillow.

  108. Anonymous (verified owner)

  109. Anonymous (verified owner)

  110. Phoebe Pui Yin Leung (verified owner)

  111. Lorrayne A. (verified owner)

  112. Douglas Bradley (verified owner)

  113. Joan D. (verified owner)

    Very calming and a pleasant scent to fall asleep to.

  114. Carol Aube (verified owner)

  115. Mary J. (verified owner)

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

  117. Sheila (verified owner)

    Have purchased this item previously and really love it. The latest purchase is a gift for a friend who loves lavender.

  118. Anonymous (verified owner)

    enjoy the product–a bit pricey.

  119. Roseanne (verified owner)

    An essential part of my sleep routine!

  120. Douglas (verified owner)

    My wife’s favourite

  121. Bertha Blomerley (verified owner)

    Love it also !

  122. Laura B. (verified owner)

  123. Kimberlee (verified owner)

    So relaxing!

  124. Dawn (verified owner)

  125. Adriana D. (verified owner)

  126. Denise (verified owner)

  127. Arjun M. (verified owner)

  128. Kristina (verified owner)

    Sleep better when using pillow spray

  129. Ellen G. (verified owner)

  130. M Susan (verified owner)

    Why is it that the scent of lavender is so relaxing? I don’t know but I do realize that having in on my pillow helps melt away my issues of the day.

  131. Alexandra (verified owner)

    Aids in a restful sleep

  132. Patty G. (verified owner)

  133. Rose J. (verified owner)


  134. Nancy (verified owner)

    Love the smell and have a better sleep!

  135. Trish Morrison (verified owner)

    Spray this on my pillows every night. It’s so soothing

  136. Teresa W. (verified owner)

    Love this product!!

  137. Nicole L. (verified owner)

    love it

  138. Anonymous (verified owner)

  139. Paola (verified owner)

    Love this product.

  140. Amelia (verified owner)

    For a good night sleep this is amazing! Works so well!

  141. LEANNE (verified owner)

    What a wonderful peaceful sleep aide!

  142. Anonymous (verified owner)

  143. Corine Bowden (verified owner)

    My favourite

  144. Liz Harding (verified owner)

    I love this spray…totally relaxing for a great sleep.

  145. Anonymous (verified owner)

  146. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the pillow spray, I never want to be without!

  147. Corine Bowden (verified owner)

  148. Patricia (verified owner)

  149. Annika M. (verified owner)

    Love this pillow spray. Will definitely keep purchasing. Smell is incredible

  150. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I find this spray , helps me drift off to sleep very easily.

  151. Carol S. (verified owner)

  152. Susan D. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  153. Diane S. (verified owner)

    I have given these as gifts and each recipient has enjoyed it.

  154. Tina (verified owner)

  155. Donna (verified owner)

  156. Leanne Irwin (verified owner)

  157. Rhodora Ramos (verified owner)

  158. Liz Harding (verified owner)

    My favourite product. I wish you had it in a larger size.

  159. Marianne (verified owner)

  160. Shirley H. (verified owner)

    Love this product. Never go to bed without spritzing my pillow.

  161. Sandra Brady (verified owner)

    Helps me sleep.

  162. Nancy W. (verified owner)

    I am addicted to this spray, really calming.

  163. Kelly S. (verified owner)

    I use this every night before bed

  164. Laura B. (verified owner)

  165. Lesley (verified owner)

  166. Carol RIDDELL (verified owner)

    I get better, and more sleep with this spray. It’s delicious! :-)

  167. Anonymous (verified owner)

    smells great as you spray but the scent does not hold more than 5 seconds on the pillow very strange???

  168. Anonymous (verified owner)

  169. Carmen (verified owner)

    Love this product, couple sprays and off to Lala land!!!

  170. Lisa (verified owner)

  171. Barbara Horne (verified owner)

    My husband is especially crazy abou this!

  172. Ann Hopkins (verified owner)

    Love it.

  173. Anonymous (verified owner)

  174. Anonymous (verified owner)

  175. Anonymous (verified owner)

  176. Bill Adcock (verified owner)

  177. Anonymous (verified owner)

  178. Michelle Howells (verified owner)

  179. Anonymous (verified owner)

  180. Anonymous (verified owner)

  181. Ann Lai (verified owner)

  182. SOPHIE HRENKO (verified owner)

  183. Kenrich C. (verified owner)

  184. Lesley (verified owner)

  185. Anita Moses (verified owner)

    Cannot sleep without this!

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