The Ultimate Spray Set


Massuet Lavender Body Spritz 50ml

Balance and condition your skin and body with this all-natural Massuet spritz. This formulation is a perfect blend ideal for after the shower, yoga class or to re-freshen the body. 1 or 2 squirts is all you need.

Glorious Lavender Pillow Spray 50ml

Have a tranquil sleep in a flowering lavender field by spraying your pillow and sheets before you go to bed and wake up well rested. Our secret formulation and distillation technique blends the most unique and beautiful Glorious lavender pillow spray.

Rose Geranium Body Spritz 50ml

Balance and cool down your body throughout the day and feel relief from anxiety.  Simply spritz all over body and skin leaving a smooth silky finish.

Lemongrass Air Mist 50ml

Invigorate the household while freshening the air with this Lemongrass air mist. Instantly revive an area by spraying 2 or 3 squirts into the air.
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Massuet Body Spritz, Glorious Pillow Spray, Rose Geranium Body Spritz, and Lemongrass Air mist wrapped together in a gift box.